KAEF Program Overview

KAEF Program Overview

The Kosovo American Education Fund (KAEF) is dedicated to the long-term economic development of Kosovo through the education of its people. KAEF provides up to 8 graduate fellowships per year to promising Kosovars for top-level training at select U.S. universities.

To date, 43 universities have hosted KAEF Fellows, including Worcester Polytechnic Institute, University of Missouri, Columbia, Syracuse University, and St. John's University. Aside from providing KAEF Fellows a top-notch education, our university partners also provide tuition cost-sharing.

Without exception, KAEF Fellows have performed at a high academic level.   In addition, KAEF Fellows receive an opportunity for valuable practical experience, including:

  • Summer internships – KAEF Fellows are required to intern with a business or organization working in their field of expertise during the summer months. 
  • Practical training – KAEF Fellows are given the option of staying in the U.S. for an extended period of time after completing their degree in order to participate in a practical training internship. 

KAEF Fellows have served with, among other organizations, Dell Computers, the World Bank, Voice of America, the International Finance Corporation, the Duke Center for International Development, and the Xerox Corporation.

KAEF Program Origins

Shortly after establishment of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo in 1999, USAID created the Kosovo Business Finance Fund (KBFF) to foster economic development and growth in Kosovo. This fund was used to establish the American Bank of Kosovo, a commercial bank that in the following years built up a loan portfolio and a successful level of deposits. The sale of these assets enabled the creation of the Kosovo American Education Fund (KAEF). In open competition, American Councils for International Education was awarded administration of this endowment in April 2004.

Program Quick Facts

Here are some interesting facts about the KAEF Graduate Fellowship Program since it was established in 2004


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Overall GPA

KAEF Program Administration

The KAEF Fund is administered by American Councils for International Education, a not-for-profit organization that believes by investing in outstanding individuals and their educational journeys, we can create long-term, equitable, and sustainable development for societies around the world. American Councils has nearly thirty years of experience in administering graduate-level educational exchanges between U.S. universities and the countries of Eurasia. The organization's expertise ensures the success of the program in the following ways:

  • Impartial Selection
    American Councils has unmatched experience in advertising and administering a fair, impartial selection of candidates for graduate-level exchange programs. Our selection efforts ensure that the KAEF Graduate Fellowship Program is a fair and transparent competition.
  • Cost-Efficient Program Administration
    Through our relationships with over 400 U.S. universities, American Councils generates tuition cost share from university partners exceeding 50 percent of total tuition costs. This affords us the ability to extend KAEF's financial resources even further.
  • Targeted Placements
    Because of our extensive experience in working with U.S. institutions of higher education and students from abroad, we have an excellent understanding of universities' strengths and weaknesses, and we place students in programs that match their goals.

KAEF Committee

KAEF is administered by American Councils with the guidance of an advisory committee consisting of individuals based in Kosovo and in the United States. The KAEF Committee is made up of academics, businessmen, civic leaders, and KAEF alumni, with knowledge of Kosovo and/or the American higher education system. The KAEF Committee oversees the general direction of the program, fundraising and the management of the KAEF endowment.